Mick Johan


Mick Johan is an artist, writer and drummer from the city of Amsterdam. After being kicked out of several art schools he became a postman for a short period. Vice Magazine started a Dutch edition and Mick became editor in chief. Three years later as his bestie Matthijs Booij from art school graduated, Mick quit Vice magazine to form infamous art duo Miktor & Molf. They had a lot of fun. When they decided to go separate ways Mick went on as a solo artist, and started focussing on music a little more as well. His corporate punkband Firestone (they wrote songs about the internet and refused to play without a clothing sponsor) recorded an album, an ep and did a lot of fun gigs. He started another band called MICH with Piet Parra, Bastiaan Bosma, Rimer London and Sofie Winterson, their self titled debut album got them to SXSW and Lowlands festival. Mick also wrote a novel; Totemdier Arafat, published by Lebowski. His mom bought a copy, and maybe some friends did too, but not a whole lot. He did manage to sell the movie rights to Halal.
He moved to Tokyo with his family for almost two years and came back. He landed a small part in Baantjer the movie, and a new MICH album is about to be released. 
Mick is 180 centimeters of Human Stud, guys want to be him, girls want to be with him. He's fluent in English and German, speaks poor French and some Japanese too.






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